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Constant gut troubles?

Poor digestion?

Skin issues?

Fatigue or low energy?

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'Happiness lies, first of all, in health' 

George William Curtis

Nutritional Medicine with Sarah


Are you challenged by digestive issues? Poor concentration? Stress? Bad habits? Fertility? Autoimmunity? Chronic disease? Changed health conditions due to geography? Nutrition is fundamental to good health and working with a nutritionist can have a profound effect on resolving these problems and achieving optimal wellness. Chances are, you don't yet know how good you can feel.


Clinical nutritionists approach health and disease management by developing individualised nutritional treatment plans which integrate current scientific evidence with traditional food wisdom. Sarah’s consultations involve thorough patient case taking and evaluation, followed by tailored evidence-based holistic care. Sarah believes in educating and empowering the patient to assume better handling and responsibility for their own health through therapeutic dietary planning, favouring a food-as-medicine approach.


The concept of ‘Happy Belly Nutritional Medicine’ appreciates the inseparable nature of health and happiness, as well as the physiological gut-brain-axis, aka the mind-gut connection. The gut-brain-axis essentially refers to the biochemical signalling between the digestive system and the central nervous system, linking emotional and cognitive brain centres with digestion and nutritional status. Hippocrates was right when he said ‘All disease begins in the gut’ and as such, Sarah incorporates gut-nourishing protocols in her suggestions with all patients. Happy belly = happy mind, and happy life.



Gut Health Specialist

It’s not always easy to figure out the how's and why's of digestive conditions. Expert nutritional attention involves identifying and connecting symptoms with contributing factors, and then tailoring treatment strategies to achieve optimal long-term wellness based on the individuals needs and preferences. Often, the tips and tricks which will help heal you are not what you expected, and can be simpler that what you imagined. Gut health and the microbiome are inextricably linked to stress and emotional wellbeing, and are an important part of holistic nutritional care.

Workshops & Groups


With a creative, dynamic, fun and personable approach to health and nutrition, Sarah can help clients improve their health in group sessions or workshops. Please get in touch for more information and tailored quotes.

First rule of Nutrition - get the quality of your drinking water right.

Regular tap water and regular commercial bottled water is full of harmful substances including fluoride. Your physical and mental performance depends on quality drinking water, and the absence of such toxins. 

WatersCo water filters offer domestic, commercial, portable and shower head filter systems, to keep your body and mind fresh and natural. They filter out all the bad stuff, and then alkalise and remineralise your water with all the good stuff. We love the benchtop versions which come with 4 years worth of filters, making them not only the best quality but also the best value on the market in Australia.

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