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What happens in a Nutrition consultation?


Your initial consult is 90 minutes, which involves a thorough investigation into your individual health conditions, your health history (and if relevant, that of your family), your lifestyle, a detailed dietary analysis, consideration of any other contributing factors, and what your health goals are. Data is evaluated for deficiencies, excesses, imbalances, toxins and stressors, and links are made between diet, lifestyle, nutritional factors and your presenting health status. Your health goals are addressed via treatment plans given in the form of food (and lifestyle) prescriptions, and when necessary, supplement prescriptions. Further tailored research into your case is then carried out, and consults thereafter (60 mins) involve targeted treatment regimes which are monitored in accordance with the patients' lifestyle and state. The primary goal of our sessions is getting to the root cause/s of health issues and establishing optimal health naturally, whilst achieving your personal health goals.


To see the many video's on various areas of nutritional therapy, please click here to visit Sarah's 'Holistic Health & Nutrition Community' and establish a feel for Sarah's expertise and practice.



Digestive disorders

Food allergies & sensitivities

Reproductive Health

Weight management

Family Health

Blood sugar control

Mental health nutrition

Skin conditions

Autoimmune disease management

Liver support and detox​

Sarah's Story


Sarah is a clinical nutritionist, with an Australian Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She specialises in digestive health, nutrition for stress and mental health, fertility nutrition, food allergies, autoimmunity and weight loss.  Sarah's approach emphasises education through practice, to empower individuals to make better choices and take responsibility for their diet and lifestyle. Consultations include tailored patient resources and individualised treatment plans which favour food as medicine.


Sarah is currently based in Bali, and is available for face to face consultations locally, workshops, and health retreat presentations, and online consultations for worldwide clients. Get in touch to learn more and work with Sarah to help yourself build a healthier lifestyle.

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