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I recently did Sarah's 30 day reset and I loved it! Learning all about the effects different foods have on your body was fascinating and I noticed results immediately - the main being much better sleep quality, increased energy and the bloated/sluggish feeling I had been experiencing for months stopped. I lost weight, my skin felt better and I was less irritable. I would highly recommend Sarah - she is so lovely, incredibly knowledgable and I thoroughly enjoyed our video calls. Without them keeping me on track I definitely wouldn't have seen the results I did.

-Kate, 30, October 2019

Sarah is passionate and knowledgable about nutrition and it's refreshing to see. She loves what she does, she loves to help people and she is good at it. I've learned a lot from her. She also remains easily accessible after consults if you have questions to ask her. My main concern before going to see her was that I was afraid I may not be able to apply what she teaches me because of being too busy, having higher priorities.... but it's not the case at all. In fact I didnt expect it would be so easy to eat well. Once you have the tools and the knowledge it just becomes a matter of self discipline but as soon as you start to see the results why in the world would you want to go back to eating junk again? I don't! It's never been so easy for me to avoid revisiting evil temptations especially sugar and that alone is a massive win. I've never felt as good in my body, healthy, energetic, fit and performant... I'm confident I will keep using these new eating habist for the rest of my life. Thank you Sarah! Keep up the good work! 

-Pierre, 30, October 2019


I am more than happy to provide my testimony as to the benefits to my health of consulting with Sarah. I found her to be thoroughly informative, supportive, and professional, on my journey to feel healthier, gain more energy and lose some weight. Every session with Sarah, wether over internet or in person, was enjoyable. Sarah inspired me to make some lifestyle changes, tailored to my individual requirements, that were manageable though not overwhelming. The improvements to my health, in only a few months, were incredible. More energy, weight loss to reach my goal weight, less aches and pains, even stronger nails. I have recently hiked for four days through the Great Otway National Park, 10 kilos lighter, it was awesome! Thank you Sarah.

-Sue, 64, Oct 2019

Sarah gave me a new insight to food - having been through a roller coaster of weird and horrible eating habits she like is a breath of air. She made me realized food is fuel and a source of medicine - not some crazy tool to make you feel you are invincible when you restrict or comfort when you are down. Ever since the first day we facetime, I do not only look to her as my nutritionist, she is a friend and someone I wholeheartedly trust.

In our call we have I always tell her you changed my life. And I mean it. You make me see the world differently. Make me see myself differently. You helped me put my broken pieces together after all those years of hurting myself through food.

Thank you Sarah for making my days happier. You should be so proud you are changing peoples lives - including mine. Much love, Luxsika.

-Luxsika, 27, April 2019

After participating in the 30 day metabolism reset I was dumbfound by the results and success which I had in achieving every goal! Through Sarah’s wealth of knowledge in using nutrition as medicine I was able to loose weight, clear up my skin, prevent IBS symptoms, stop headaches, improve energy levels, mood and brain fog... I would recommend Sarah to anybody as she is AMAZING!!!

-Elspeth, 35, December 2018

Meeting Sarah has changed my life! From the moment I met Sarah I was blown away by her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm. Sarah has opened my eyes enormously to the effects of consuming the right nutrition and she created an interesting personal plan to heal me from my health issues. The outcome has been absolutely amazing! I’m not longer suffering from fatigue, chronic UTI’s and eczema and I’m no longer a sugar addict! Which is a huge achievement! 

I feel so happy, refreshed, confident, full of energy and people say I’m glowing! I will, without a doubt, stick to this lifestyle forever! I can’t thank Sarah enough! Highly recommended!

-Yvon, 31, Sept 2018

It’s with pleasure that I recommend Sarah Newland as a nutritionist. Sarah is bright, bubbly and has a wealth of knowledge for nutrition and other modalities. Upon meeting with her, you can tell she is a person that takes care of herself, flawless skin and bright eyes that make you believe she practices what she preaches. I had a consult with Sarah about 6 months ago and I consulted with her at a time that I felt mentally and physically exhausted. I wasn’t sure what was wrong and after meeting with Sarah I found a huge part of that was because of my dietary intake. Changing a few things by adding or subtracting them from my diet allowed me to experience more vitality within my life. During the entire consult I felt safe and motivated in making these changes. Sarah’s bubbly nature was fully supporting you through the process, she gave me lots of handouts and suggestions.
She has such a passion for food and healthy living and I am feeling so much better since our consultation. Thanks Sarah, your amazing.

-Renee, 38, Oct 2018

I highly recommend Sarah as your best starting point for new health, wellness and eventual happiness and good looks!
For me, the Metabolic Reset was a fantastic way to move away from old habits and start healthy new Life Habits.
It was not a hard detox program to follow, and because she explained all aspects of the 30 day program to me, it was easy to adhere to it as I understood the whys and why nots.
Now, this program is pretty much my Life Diet Plan. I do believe in moderation, but every 3 months or so I throw myself into it 100%. 
It doesn’t make socialising or living a normal life difficult - it is not restrictive. 
I have great energy, feel like my body is working and moving like it should, niggly little issues are no longer a part of everyday.
In conjunction with an excessive program, my body feels fitter than ever and like it is working how it should.
Also, she kick-started my obsession with gut health and the myriad of amazing things that can be achieved through working on a good microbiome as a priority.
Big thank you Sarah!

-Simone, 43, Oct 2018

Signing up for Sarah's 30 Day Reset program was 100%%one of the best decisions I've ever made. Although I've always considered myself a healthy eater and enjoy an active lifestyle, I have consistently struggled with issues like body image, food guilt, and confusion over which "healthy" foods or on-trend "diets" were actually good for me. But the 30 day program completely changed all of that for the better -- Sarah provided me with incredible nutritional facts, super clear guidance, and several amazing tools to help me understand what I should really be eating and why. Sarah's program has taught me a whole new way of eating, one that makes me feel more energetic, healthy, and more confident than ever before. Not to mention, Sarah is incredibly nice and down-to-earth and makes the whole process fun and inviting. Overall working with her has been a total game changer for me and I am so grateful for this experience.

-Madeline, 26, Aug 2017


I have seen great improvements in my health and eating habits since I started to work with Sarah a month ago. She really takes the time to get to know you and how your life and schedule works to help you to eat healthy and change your habits. I have more energy, I sleep better and wake up refreshed now. It took a few days for me to get used to not eating gluten and fruit anymore, but with Sarah’s help I found good substitutes to cook with and restaurants which serve the right foods for my needs. I would recommend Sarah to any one of my friends and family!

-Joy, 44, Sept 2017

A few more...

Sarah is a beautiful, down to earth, warm, approachable practitioner who's passion for natural health shines through in her work. Sarah has helped me manage my IBS and identify some food sensitivities. She has also helped me improve my relationship with food and showed me how to have a healthier and happier mind when it comes to enjoying eating and respecting my body. Importantly, she embodies all things health in her own life, but appreciates no-one can be perfect all the time, which is inspirational!

-Eliza, 28

And then some...

Sarah’s seminar was clear and smart, its just what you need if you want to start a program and learn how to manage your health better. Lovely person and great information. Well done Sarah!

-Thibault, 35


The only woman I’ll see in Bali when it comes to my health. Fixed my insomnia, got my digestion back on track, and helped me become all round more balanced. Seriously, you’re the best Sar xx

-Tash, 31


I feel like my life's already turning 180 after starting my plan 3 days ago... Sarah has a down to earth Melbourne vibe over skype and information that comes from the heart as well as the brain. I think I love you!

-Em, 37

I highly recommend seeing Sarah for all your health and wellness needs. She is bursting with knowledge and takes the time to listen to you and create a tailored approach whilst factoring all aspects of your life to ensure results. Her passion for food as medicine is inspiring!

-Jessica, 25 

La mejor nutricionista que me ha tratado en mi vida! Te explica todo muy sencillo y te aconseja a la perfección de todo lo que tienes que hacer para estar saludable, muchas gracias por todo, espero que me siga tratando muchos años!!! I love Happy Belly!

Rodrigo, 32

Sarah is a dedicated health practitioner. She really knows her stuff and sees you as an individual with your own health story and personal situation, so your treatment is tailored for you, not a one-size-fits all solution. Sarah understands nutrition and how it can help heal and maintain health.

-Anouk, 50

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