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  • Sarah Newland BHSc Nut Med

Intermittent fasting - over hyped or legit? LEGIT. For most of us. For many reasons.

Lose weight, balance hormones and change your entire health picture? Yep. You can. And most of it happens while you sleep! Intermittent fasting is kinda in vogue right now, so it's fair to question it's legitimacy, as many nutrition fads are (annoyingly) built on questionable groundwork. For this particular health hack however, the science backed evidence is loud and clear, as are the transformative results I see in myself and in my patients. Holding the power to promote lifespan, anti-aging of cells and DNA, reduced risk of chronic disease, and significant advances in brain activity and mental focus, the long term benefits of tailored fasting are no shit. The short-term / quick-gain benefits are also pretty damn desirable - with manipulating your metabolism to burn fat instead of craving sugar AND encouraging lean body mass being my personal favourites. You can throw in boosting happy hormones, reducing anxiety, LDL cholesterol reduction (the bad cholesterol), and insulin regulation (which also contributes to fatty tissue breakdown) as additionally impressive reasons to get involved. There are several different methods of fasting, each with different strengths and varying degrees of difficulty (depending on the individual participating). During a one on one consult we can identify the easiest and most effective way for you to achieve these benefits, with ease and no stress. An initial consult with Sarah is 90 minutes of your time, after which Sarah builds you a treatment plan specific to your lifestyle, needs and goals. You also receive a comprehensive resources kit. Everything is tailored to you, so you are set up to succeed. Book now and be an even better version of you in as little as a few weeks: Initial 90 minute consult: USD $130 Follow up 60 min consult: USD $100 Why wait! Happy days! :)

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