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  • Sarah Newland BHSc Nut Med

COLLAGEN! Stop killing it & start BOOSTING it!

Make your diet an absolute weapon for anti-aging & collagen boosting!

The bad news is that your collagen is going to break down with age. Yep. This affects joints, mobility, intestinal (gut) integrity, and your largest organ – SKIN- which is the #1 indicator of aging. The good news is you can give it massive helping hands to hang in there and stay fresh and youthful for as long as possible. And you can do this primarily with diet. Consuming collagen containing foods provides the body with a direct source of the building blocks to create more collagen. Collagen comes from connective tissue, skin, joints and ligaments and as such, those as the places from which we obtain it. Bone broth is the number one food source for dietary collagen. Unfortunately for those opposed to animal based foods, there is no such thing as a non-animal-derived collagen containing food. Sorry. Consuming collagen boosting vitamins, helps the body increase precursorsto collagen building blocks, and generally comes in high antioxidant foods like densely coloured vegetables, so provides the additional support of fighting free radicals that lead to signs of aging. A great example of a collagen boosting nutrient is Vitamin C, which you can get form kiwi fruit, berries, citrus, raw capsiucum/peppers, broccoli and kale. We produce less and less collagen as we get older, so although providing your body with loads of collagen boosting vitamins and free radical fighting antioxidants is essential, if ethical reasons aren’t stopping you from getting into bone broth, we highly recommend it. Collagen in bone broth is hydrolyzed, which means the body just laps it up with ease and puts it work right away in keeping you youthful. The older we get, the more pressure we put on our bodies, thus the greater the demand for nutritional support to maintain our skins integrity and fresh appearance. Lifestyle also plays a huge role in collagen-killing, with primary culprits including excess exposure to damaging UV rays, poor sleep, high sugar intake, chronic stress hormone activity, being too sedentary, a poor diet, and suboptimal gut health. Help yourself look and feel better for longer by identifying and addressing your main collagen-killers, finding the best way to increase your collagen intake through diet, providing sufficient collagen boosting vitamins and antioxidant nutrients, and perhaps including a bovine or marine based supplement in your regime. Vegan collagen-boosting protocols will never match the efficacy of animal based protocols, sadly, however there are definitely still methods to improve your existing collagen production. A consult with Sarah can help you gain control and an understanding of how your body obtains, assimilates and uses collagen, with initial consults being 90 minutes of your time, after which she builds you a comprehensive nutritional treatment plan with strategies suited to your lifestyle, goals and needs. You also receive a tailored resources kit with tools to help you succeed in whatever your health goals are. Initial 90 minute consult: USD $130 Follow up 60 min consult: USD $100

REDUCED RATE PACKAGES AVAILABLE! BONUS! Email with the name & email address of a friend who would like these posts, to get a FREE 'Skin Food' nutrition guide :) Why put up with faster-than-necessary-aging, poor skin, creaky joints or suboptimal wellbeing any longer!? Online consults available, or face to face if you are currently in Bali :) Happy days! :) Happy Belly xo

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