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  • Sarah Newland BHSc Nut Med

Are your health/body efforts being sabotaged by innocent 'healthy' mistakes?!

Photo by Jonathan Colon,

3 common mistakes that may be sabotaging your health/body goals!

Ever feel like all the efforts and commitment you are putting in to improving your health or body goals is being sabotaged by something? It might be one of the following: 1. Starting the day, or following a fast, with a sweet meal or drink. Spiking your blood sugar increases insulin activity, which encourages the storage of excess energy as fatty tissue. So whilst fruit is of course delicious, healthy and loaded with nutrients, your smoothie bowl full of oats, fruit, and natural sugars might be sabotaging your body composition goals. Try eggs or salmon and greens, or avocado with tempeh and veg instead. 2. Thinking ‘I’m not coeliac or sensitive to gluten’ and consuming it like there’s no tomorrow. Gluten-sensitive or not, gluten causes the release of enzymes which break down the tight junctions between our intestinal cells. Translation- it punches holes in our gut walls, allowing whatever other foreign particles we put in our bodies to pass right into our blood stream. The results of this can vary depending on the substances involved, environment, pollution and stress, and can include headaches, skin break outs, immune dysfunction, hormone imbalances and weight loss troubles. 3. Not taking time out to rest, digest, meditate and slow down. Stress – be it emotional or physical, causes the release of cortisol from our adrenal glands. Chronic high levels of cortisol in our blood prevents digestion of food, reduces sex hormone production, reduces thyroid function (slowing metabolism and making you feel sluggish), and blocks the activity of leptin, our fat burning hormone. We need parasympathetic nervous system activation (the OPPOSITE state to stress- which is an activated sympathetic nervous system), to allow the body to resume optimal metabolic processes. So it’s time to place as much importance on couch hangs as it is to hit the gym or power yoga class! A 30 Day program, including 3 one-on-one consults with Sarah, a comprehensive treatment plan and resources & ongoing WhatsApp support can literally change your health and therefore life. Check out the testimonials on or to see what your future you might also be saying ;) 30 DAY PROGRAM valued at: USD $350 Respond to this email before Tues 23rd Oct & pay only USD $280 Future you is telling you DO IT! Happy days! Happy Belly xo

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